I love to play Ice-Hockey and I know it is strange but also girls are playing this sport and I can insure it makes a lot of fun!!!
I play Ice-Hockey for your years since the season 2009/2010.


I am doing a lot of volunteer work there and that makes also much fun and especially in the youth team of the boys I do a lot.
I did a course about writing a game report and during the plays I am sitting on the penalty-bench as a "Punktrichter" in German (scoring-judge in English).
Through this sport I experience a lot. For example I have seen the original "Hanson-Brothers" from the movie "Slapshot" in a great event and I get the chance to make pictures with them (You will see the pictures if you continue on this page.)
Another experience I made was the traveling to Pula (Croatia). In an old amphora was an ice surface built up and there were held some Ice-Hockey games of Croatian and Austrian Teams.


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